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Random Ramblings

this is like if a diary and a twitter page had a baby

guys trust me

ive been getting a lot of people telling me that my website is comforting to them and that just makes me so happy aa
im so happy to be able to make something that brings comfort to not only me, but other people as well

thank you to all 10,000 (O.o) people who viewed my site, and thank you to the rest of the cisnt's club because i dont think i wouldve had the motivation to work on my website if it wasnt for them! sorry 4 bein all sappy yall r just rlly epic and im really happy 。゚(TヮT)゚。



look at this kool fortune teller i make using troy-sucks's tut B)

happy valentines day!!! <3
my mom gave me a mushroom limpbalm and it makes me vry happy

literally obssessed w this gif

i promise im funny just not right now

blue is actually one of my least favorite colors, specifically teal. its just not an appealing color. i like colder blues, closer to the purple range than green, but only in combination with yellow, in which case its one of my fave combos

coding this damn box was a pain in the asssss

trying to find the perfect divider is so harddddd

another night of surfin tha World Wide Web, this is my faveorite hobby

blog posts

2/26/2022: good day :)

hi guys!!! its da weekend :D
i had a good day 2day so i wanna talk about it, okok so first my coffee was perfect!! it tasted rlly good, and i ordered an lps ive really wanted look at the scrunkle!!!!!! i also got an air fryer xd
it was a rlly chill day and i thought it was worth talking about. i hope everyone else also had a good day!! but if you didnt, i hope your day gets better!! o ya i got a hair cut, it was like last week but im vry happy abt it

2/11/2022: hello hello

last blog post was kinda saaad so this one is gonna be less sad

sooo ya its currently 3:42 pm which is earlier than when i normally start existing, then again yesterday i was 2 sleep at like,,, 12 or smth :P
my coffee tasted very good 2day i think i added extra chocolate im not sure

o ya and a got sum skool done alredy to thats kool 8)

i wanna make a page 4 my cat,, so ill do that. i might just make a gallery page and have different sections for my cat and my art n stuff

i drew an art today and i waassss going 2 wait to get an art gallery up,, buttt thatll take a while so here u go

clik here 2 view it on spacehey >:D

it was gonna b 4 valentines day but i had a headache on valentines day lolz

kinda obssessed w this song rn

2/11/2022: Im alergic

I think im alergic to waking up before 10am because today i had to because for some fucking reason the only available apporintment for my hormone blockerz was at like 8am </3 kms and yk wut happened??? it was busy af, i forgot my earbuds, and i threw up out side a kaiser permanente building. its okay though because i went home, slept for 3 hours, and woke up like nothing happened. so that set the mood for the entire day. i pretty much just spent all day watching youtube. kinda became an issue cuz i was too exhausted to get food or water but im okay now. this kind of shit happens to be pretty often. i had to get on meds because anxiety from school caused me to throw up every monday morning #enakinnie
dont worry about me, i can laugh about it now

2/10/2022: just talkin n stuffs

its almost valentines day so i did sum stuff 4 that on tha site

i have a rlly painful sore on tha side of my mouth T-T so that sux
last night i watched a video that made me rlly wanna pick up animation again, so i did sum of that 2day. ive also started playin hollow knight a bit more, its rlly fun

im kinda frustrated cuz the only browser that allows gif cursors is internet explorer and i use firefox, seriously they gotta add that to firefox

ive been kinda bored laterly, i rlly wanna work on my website but i run out of ideasssss. i just had the idea 4 a q&a box, not sure how i would do that but i wanna

2/7/2022: Testing testing 123

ok kool i think its working although i might need 2 nake some format changes n stuff

i wanna write this quick bcuz my internet is gonna shut off some time 2day and idk when lolz
sumtimez i just wanna ramble but dont hav anywhere 2 ramble 2 so here we go
im super happy about my neocities site. its literally so much fun. ive found a community (hi cisnts ily /p) and ive never been more motivated. ive met so many cool people and seen so many cool sites aaaaa

im getting a haircut 2day. im gonna go when tha internet shuts off. my idea is like this haircut but like this is a bit closer to my hair texture my hair is naturally pretty frizzy and curly (its sort of straightned out recently), but i dont own a hair straightner. all i know is i need my hair 2 be shorter bcus its too long grrrr

oh 4:14pm update, i didnt get a haircut :((((( they werent available, but i did get rock candyz