this page was meant to be about dreamcore but instead ive lost my shoes........


so what issss "dreamy core"..?

well you see my dear friend, dreamcore is an aesthetic! go onto tumblr and search "dreamcore" and youll get the idea. its an aesthetic sorrouding the eeriness and strangeness of dreams! common tropes include: liminal spaces, omminous text, nostalgia, and hmmm... object heads?

yeaaaa take a look at dreamcore tiktok and youll see what i mean.
tiktok has a way of taking things and making them stupid to say the least.
object heads themselves arent actually that bad! its the way tiktok has taken the concept of "Dreamcore" and "weirdcore" and mashed them into a box. dreamcore has been dummed down to a set of traits rather than what it could be.

but hey, its not all bad. theres a reason im making this page!
while i have my complaints, its still one of my favorite aesthetics and has been a huage inspiration to me!

why do you like dreamcore????????????

escapism, probably! as well as that, i like horror and existentialism! live is stressful, and it serves at a way to escape and reanalyze i guess, but that most media, isnt it huh
i ant point out exactly what i like about it, maybe its just another special interest, maybe it just ties into my old web special interest. maybe i like the feeling of anemoia, im not sure

ruh roh, things r gettin heavy!

i have a... weird... relationship with nostalgia. much of the dreamcore content youll see contains themes of childhood and nostalgia, and while i actually had a pretty good childhood i think, its still strange. after watching a tiktok focused on elementary school nostalgia (i know i know shush okay sometimes its got good dreamcore content) i read the comments and was... confused? i guess its normal to miss that time period and i just dont. when i see those images, i dont think "oh if only i could go back to a simpler time," i think "thank god i got out of there." most of my memories of elementary school are negative, but not traumatic i dont think. just normal kid things, that is if sensory overload and mild bullying is normal, but i dont think that should warrat my reaction to nostalgia content, if anything, my trip to las vegas was more traumatic than the entirity of elementary school, ive had like, an actual flashback from that
maybe its not that deep at all and i just like exploding the inner workings of my mind! i guess ill nevah know!